Underground Yard Line Leak Repair

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Most plumbing leaks happen inside or under your home. It’s where most clogs occur, which then leads to burst pipes and other issues. In most cases, underground water supply pipes are stronger and more durable, so leaks are less common. However, an underground yard water line leak can result in increased water costs and poor water performance in the home. At Pither Plumbing, we offer custom yard line water leak repair to keep your house’s water supply in good shape and save you money. Get the fast repair services you deserve now by calling the best plumbers in Longview, TX.

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Signs You Need Yard Water Line Leak Repair

It’s often harder to spot yard line leaks because you don’t see water spraying everywhere or pooling on your basement floor. In most cases, homeowners dismiss the signs of a leak for other problems like a sprinkler issue or how weather.

Indeed, discoloration in your grass is a sign of a possible underground water leak. When there’s too much water in the soil, it can kill your grass the same way having too little water can. Another sign you need yard line water leak repair is if your water usage is higher than you think it should be. You can check your main water hookup on the street to see whether the meter still runs up even when all of the water inside the house is off.

If you have a leak, contact Pither Plumbing for reliable repairs at affordable prices. We’re the leading plumbing service in Longview, TX, and our team is committed to fixing your leaks fast and keeping your plumbing in great shape all year. We use the latest technology to find your underground pipe leaks and limit any digging to the bare minimum to keep your yards looking nice.

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